The Body Jane Story

"After knee surgery due to a skiing accident in Zermatt, Switzerland, I was told to stay in bed and not move much for a week. I was handed a men’s portable urinal which did indeed limit my trips to and from the bathroom. It was a green, plastic, ugly piece of equipment. Soon after I began to walk and felt well enough to visit the bathroom.  Even though I was a professional athlete at the time, I realized that I had developed a lazy habit. I started using the green, plastic urinal again. My girlfriend was furious and said that the urinal wasn’t acceptable in the bedroom.  That was the moment when I decided that there had to be something better than this. A product with a positive design approach. Maybe even with a touch of sex appeal if that could ever happen!”


Body Jane was born through the personal experience of an injured skier who was appalled by the looks of the modern portable urinal. Interestingly enough, the voice of consumers during market research urged us not to confine the design for the sole use of a portable urinal and instead promote the design into a novelty jar for multipurpose use. Even though this sounded controversial at the time we decided to create two products that stem from the same design.  The Body Jane Men's Jar & the Body Jane Party Jar.


It is a concept not for the faint hearted!




Hacienda Entertainment Ltd.