Body Jane the Men’s Jar

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- The World's Ultimate Designer Urinal!
- The Ideal Gift for Men!
- Easy to clean / Spill proof design
- Made of high quality antibacterial Food Grade Polyethylene plastics
- Comes with high quality elastic lid
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* A Lid is included with every purchase of the Body Jane Men's Jar.

Body Jane is the only existing designer men’s jar based on a woman’s figure.  She is the colorful approach to handheld urinal jars.   She is breathing a new life of aesthetics, art & humor into a practical, utilitarian item for the first time.  She is a high quality product designed to perfection and made from the highest quality of recyclable polyethylene plastics.

Traditionally, this kind of product has always been approached from a purely practical standpoint.  Body Jane is here to break the tradition, providing a fresh, modern & sexy take on men’s handheld urinals!
Body Jane’s design reflects the curves and form of “the perfect woman,” the male ideal while concurrently being aesthetically pleasing to the female population as well.

She is ready to embark on the journey of her life travelling the globe!  Her mission is to relieve those who need her, to attract attention and be pleasing to the eye. She will inevitably bring about happiness and excitement to the people who will be lucky enough to meet her. She will make for the perfect male gift and she will last for a long time. 


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