Body Jane the Party Jar

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- Perfect for serving cocktails, shots and any beverage!
- IDEAL for attracting attention to the table / Turns into the color of any liquid!
- Stain free / easy to clean
- Made of high quality antibacterial Food Grade Polypropylene plastics
- Microwave and freezer friendly
- Almost impossible to break!
- Up to 1.4 litters capacity / Sits both horizontally & upright!
- Comes with high quality elastic pourer which can accommodate up to 3 straws
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*A Pourer is included with every purchase of the Body Jane Party Jar. 

Body Jane is a one of a kind designer beverage jar.  Originally she was conceived to be placed horizontally but has evolved to stand upright as well.  She can gracefully sit next to you just about anywhere! From a sandy beach to a local bar she will always shine like a fancy date next to you!  She will also sit perfectly on elevated flat objects found on your table (0-4cm tall).

Body Jane, with her 2 pint capacity, will indulge the two or three or four of you, in sharing your favorite cocktail through specially formed individual straw holes.  She is a girl who doesn’t mind being shared after all!

She will serve your crowd their favorite shots or simply pour your everyday beverage in absolute style, elegance and finesse.

Whatever the beverage, she will always be the star of your show!


“Body Jane, refreshingly sexy”




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